ABOUT A Violent Man

A Violent Man is the story of Ty Matthews (Thomas Q. Jones), an unknown Mixed Martial Arts fighter, struggling to hold his longtime relationship together and make ends meet. His whole life changes when opportunity doesn’t just knock but walks right through the door in the form of MMA champ, Marco Reign (Chuck Liddell).

Picture of Chuck Liddell and Thomas Q. Jones squaring up.

Marco is in search of a sparring partner and Ty steps up. When the bell rings, much to everyone’s surprise, Ty quickly forces Marco to tap out. No one would believe it if not for the fact that Ty’s friend caught the whole thing on camera. Just like that the unknown underdog has a chance to catapult himself into the limelight.

Eager to claim his 15 minutes of fame and turn that into something more, Ty contacts a sports reporter, Victoria (Denise Richards), to get the word out that he bested Marco. The two meet up at a bar to discuss the story and a series of drinks lead to an ill-advised one night stand.

“We love what Matthew Berkowitz did with this film. He’s a hidden gem, a sleeping giant. A Violent Man is the beginning of his era in film.”
- Geno Taylor, GVN founder

Afterward, Ty goes home to his longtime girlfriend, Whitney (Khalilah Joi), feeling confident that his future in the MMA world has never looked brighter (or more lucrative).

True to the genre (noir thriller), Ty’s luck in A Violent Man quickly takes a turn for the worse. Victoria is murdered, choked-to-death in her bed, and Ty is the prime suspect. After all, he does trade in violence and was the last person seen with her.

Events in A Violent Man push Ty into a corner, making him desperate and dangerous. He asks Whitney to lie to police for him and engages is violent acts both in and out of the ring in an attempt to clear his name with police and secure his future in the MMA world. His actions reveal a darker side of Ty as well as a growing temper. That, plus the accumulation of incriminating evidence has many, including Ty himself, questioning what he’s really capable of.

A Violent Man culminates in an underground title fight between Ty and Marco, a figurative and literal fight for his life.

Uniquely cast with former football star Thomas Q. Jones, UFC hall of fame legend Chuck Liddell, and legendary actors Bruce Davison and Isaach De Bankolé, A Violent Man lays on hard hitting punches from the start and doesn’t let up until the last scene fads.

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