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A Violent Man Movie

An official selection of the Oldenburg Film Festival, the A Violent Man movie is a noir thriller set in the explosive world of mixed martial arts where violence is not only condoned but encouraged and rewarded.

“Would you say that you’re a violent person?”
- Detective Beckett in A Violent Man

The answer to that question is the linchpin of A Violent Man. Ty Matthews, a struggling MMA fighter, is the title character in A Violent Man. Asked to spar with the current MMA champ, Marco Reign, Ty can’t believe his luck when he quickly forces Reign to tap out. Suddenly, Ty is a hot commodity with a looming title fight and a seemingly bright future. That is until the reporter covering his story, Victoria, turns up dead. Detectives feel confident that it’s an open and shut case. After all, Ty was the last person seen with her, leaving a bar after a late night of drinking. Ty’s only albi is his longtime girlfriend, Whitney… the problem? She knows he wasn’t at home that night.

“I’m not a killer.”
- Ty Matthews in A Violent Man

But is he sure? Reminiscent of Humphrey Bogart in In a Lonely Place, as the incriminating circumstances pile up and his temper takes on a life of its own, even Ty begins to question himself. Just what is he capable of? A Violent Man is the story of one man’s figurative and literal fight for his life set against a backdrop of violence, inside and outside the ring. Through a series of knockout punches, A Violent Man keeps the audience reeling, unable to find solid ground, until the credits roll.

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